Having problems with your pc, mac or printer? We're here to help. Viruses, server configurations,  fixing errors, installing software or configuring the network are all examples of a typical day of technical support.

CIO Services

We get down to the detail in project management.   We do what needs done to finish the project with accuracy, efficiency and on budget.


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Yes, we can work on them too!

Phone Systems

VOIP, Teleconferencing or just plain telephones.

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Electronic Healthcare Records

Adrienne Grass Associates (AGA) isn't your typical IT firm.  Even with nearly 20 years of providing Technical Support, Project Management and CIO services to Charleston and surrounding areas, we still don't  pretend to be certified technology consultants in every aspect of IT.   However, we are dedicated to providing you with the most comprehensively qualified specialists in every area of tech support for every industry.  To do this we have partnered with other firms to offer you the best technicians available.  Coupled with  our personal customer service and quick response times,  you can feel confident that with AGA you have the right person for the job - every job, every time.   h support, apple technical support, cio / project management in Charleston, adrienne grass associates


 Technical Support in Charleston, WV. Adrienne grass associates technology consultants

What's a CIO, you ask? The Chief Information Officer is responsible for the strategic planning of technology, it's personnel and the computer systems required to achieve productivity goals. Basically, he's the go to guy for answers about tech.

Adrienne Grass Associates  Technology Consultants

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Off- Site Data Storage

Backup, backup, backup. Redundancy is our friend.


YOu have questions.  We have answers.